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Marques Homes is well-known for building residential homes in Kingston and surrounding area. We have pride in our architectural design to help you create your perfect custom home. We offer design services to ensure every customer gets the home they desire. Our team will assist in the selection process as well as offering after-sales service.

New Home Construction

A new home may be the most important purchase that you will make and must reflect the lifestyle that you choose for you and your family. Our standard interior and exterior finishes are of the highest quality and we offer alternative choices to help give your home that certain flair that is uniquely yours.

Marques Homes is a prestigious home construction company that consistently delivers unique quality homes for people just like you in Kingston, Ontario and the surrounding area. We are registered with Tarion Warranty Corporation and take pride in our excellent record of delivering virtually flawless custom homes in desirable Kingston Ontario neighbourhoods.

When choosing a builder for your new home, you expect nothing but the best, we expect nothing but the best quality and workmanship in our trained and skilled workforce. Our excellent customer service, superior construction, dedication to fine craftsmanship and our end to end services will make your new home construction project a journey to remember.

Let Marques Homes be your choice for your new home Construction Project.

Custom Home Builders

You don’t need to follow our designs to get our service. Bring your custom plans in to consult with our professionals. Our end to end services for custom new house construction guides you through each phase of a home construction project from consultation to final inspection. Our documented process is strictly followed to ensure consistent quality and workmanship in all our homes. We have provided the phases of a typical new home construction project below to give you an idea of what to expect.

Phase One: Pre-construction

This phase takes your ideas and dreams and puts them to paper.  Our team works with you to draw up what you want.  This can take some time as you will work with the designer to include all the features that you want in your new home from the basement up.  When you are staisfied with these drawings we send them to an architect to finalize.  Then the architecture plans are used to obtain permits for site, electrical, plumbing, septic or sewer, wells or city water connection.  We want this Phase to be exciting and stress free for you and we will guide you through offering suggestions and/or recommendations based on our expertise in custom home building.Occacssionally what you want may need to be adjusted in order to meet building codes and ensure that your new house is solid yet still maintain that unique look you are looking for.

Phase Two: Breaking Ground

After site tests have been taken and all permits are obtained, the excavation begins.  Our skilled workers bring in the heavy machinery to dig your foundation and construct the footings.  This must be done concisely and accurately as your entire house will depend on a firm foundation. After the basement walls are constructed, a vapour or waterproof film will be applied to the outside perimeter.  An inspection must take place before we back-fill to the barrier to ensure that all materials and methods meet code.

Phase Three: Framing the House

If your house is a typical framework construction, the outside walls and interior walls will now be constructed. A standard wood-frame home is built with 2” X 6” outer walls and 2” X 4” inside walls with computer-stamped trusses,has fiberglass batt insulation with a vapour barrier and uses oriented strand board (OSB) for the exterior shell. It is important to get the roof on quickly at this point to protect the interior from weather damage. Sometimes the roof trusses will be built on site however it is common to see your roof trusses being pre-constructed elsewhere and shipped to the site. A crane will position the trusses and our team will secure them in place. It is at this point that you can begin to envision the layout of your home and imagine how it will look when it is complete. Typically the plumbing and electrical layout is roughed in at this stage. When all this is complete there will be another inspection to ensure that everything is up to code.

Phase Four: Interior and Exterior finishes

Our skilled tradesmen are now installing the drywall and the choices you made for the interior and exterior of the home. They will paint, install the kitchen and bathroom fixtures. lay the flooring, finish the electrical and plumbing, and tile the bathroom. Meanwhile another team is completing the exterior of the house, installing windows and doors, applying stucco, and completing the brickwork, eaves, fascia and troughs. Some landscaping will be done to level your yard, entrance, and driveway. Our team will be in constant contact with you at this time to ensure that all your specifications are met and to advise you of any issues that may arise. Final inspections will need to be completed for electrical and plumbing. Arrangements are made to hook you up to city hydro and sewer or septic and well if you are rural.

Phase Five: Final

Our quality control team will now complete an in-house inspection and will identify and correct any minor issues that arise. When our own strict quality expectations have been met, we officially pass the house over to you. You are now the proud owner of a prestigious custom house built with the consistent quality and craftsmanship that Marques Homes is known for.

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Our craftsmanship and dedication to the construction of every home that we build can be seen throughout Kingston and the surrounding areas. We have been building custom fine homes since 1983.

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Marques Homes has many exclusive custom designed house plans for you to choose from. Our selection offers a wide range of styles for your new home. You can choose from single or two story homes, single or double garages, and then personalize your home with a vast selection of standard interior or exterior materials and finishes.